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Thread Contributor: IceCoffeeKhan FINALLY responds after HUGE criticism over London's surging street violence
LONDON Mayor Sadiq Khan has responded after facing a huge amount of criticism for not speaking out following the news that London’s death rate had overtaken that of New York for knife and gun crime.

The comments come after it was announced London’s death rate for knife and gun crime was higher than New York. Figures showed there were 23 murders in London in March, compared with 21 in New York. The cities have similar size populations and police forces.

“The police are doing everything they can to catch those responsible and bring them to justice and patrols have already been stepped up and extra stop-and-search powers are in place in the worst-hit parts of London.”

Responding to Mr Lammy’s comments, Mr Khan’s spokesperson said: “The Mayor’s door is always open to MPs who want to discuss vital issues in the capital and he frequently visits boroughs right across London to see what’s happening on the ground – and the Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Policing have been out with the police on knife sweeps this year.

“Knife crime is an issue across London and the country – and one that the Mayor takes extremely seriously.
“The safety of Londoners is his number one priority.


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