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Why is Donald Trump doing so well in the polls?
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by Nate from CA - Jul 4th, 2015 4:20 pm.
Nate from CA
Nate from CA
There's something about Mr. Trump that excites the Republican base. He is not considered a good politician, and most admit that he would not make a good president if in fact he can ever even get elected. So why is he doing so well in the polls against the other candidates? I think the answer is very simple, Republicans have been for years asking for someone was willing to fight back the political correctness gurus who've invaded our public schools, our churches, our city councils, our police departments, and all facets of the American life. Donald Trump has shown a willingness to take on the left wing media and the Democratic pundits. It doesn't matter if what he says is 100% correct or not, what it does matter that he's willing to fight for his beliefs and stand up to those who he believes is wrong. You not see that being done by any elected Republican officials, anywhere across this nation. It's true that once in a while you may see someone like Ted Cruz stand up to the Republican elite for a short time. The Republican leadership is quick to demonize anyone will not follow the prescribed political correct Washington DC script.

Mr. Trump's popularity will fade and he will fall behind in the polls but not before he is made it clear that the people of this nation are tired of limp wrist politicians. Hopefully Mr. Trump will give other politicians in the Republican Party a backbone and the will to fight for what they believe.
re: Why is Donald Trump doing so well in the polls? by JJ - Jul 8th, 2015 6:49 pm
We need a fighter but not the Donald 😫
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